Eat My Poo Piles, Toilet with LoveRachelle2 | Full HD 1080p | Feb 15, 2018

You like being my little pet, toilet? Watching excitedly as I shit wherever I please, and you get to obsess over each pile and eat it up as you please? Quite befitting of you, really. It’s all you’re good for. Quite a treat! And you get to gobble it up every time. As I’m going about my day, getting dressed, or when my boyfriend hogs the bathroom–you’re gonna have to hurry up and eat my poop quick slave, and we’ll blame the smell on you. Aren’t you lucky you have a Mistress to clean up after? You better lick my floor and my pretty plates clean too, pet. These thick, falling chunks of poop and monster turds are all yours

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