Shit and Blood Vol.2 with Anna Coprofield | Full HD 1080p | March 12, 2018

I did not change the tampon for a long time to show you more of my monthly blood. I started shooting a video when my pussy began to leak and a blood stain appeared on my panties. Sitting on the floor I piss in panties first then I push back my panties and piss on the floor. I insert a finger into the pussy and feel the hot tampon inside.I take off my panties and take out the tampon,show tampon and squeeze blood on my pussy and play a lil. Then I enter a glass toy in the pussy and gently fuck it and shit with soft crap at the same time. At first shit is thin and then a big long and creamy shit come out. Look at that soft and juicy shit! How many small pieces of food! I fuck my ass with a glass toy, more cream shit flows from my asshole.I’m fucking a bloody pussy and ass with a dirty toy again and again,insert panties in pussy. I sit on the shit, knead and smear it on the floor pussy and ass. I get up and take the shit and smear it again, then take my panties out of my pussy and put them on. I continue to smear shit, because I love to do it so much!

2018 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920×1080 | 00:34:14 | 2,00 GB

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