Two bananas for Alice with ModelNatalya94 | Full HD 1080p | March 10, 2018

We decided to play with her friend Alice to use her as a slave and try to play with her anus, I and Caroline went into the kitchen and Alice sat and ate the fruit, but seeing Alice we realized that we want to play with her, you ask why she identified us with Caroline were dressed erotic mesh purchased at a sex shop. We sat down next to Alice and at first took off with Alice’s upper clothing exposing the Breasts of Alice and began with Caroline to fondle the breast of Alice, a little arousing Alice we continue to give away my friend we shoot with Alice first, followed by panties and skirt and Alice stands before us completely naked. On the dish were the bananas I offered Carolina to fuck Alice in her pussy and ass with bananas Caroline has agreed. Alice herself was not against such an experiment. Alice got cancer and I put Alice first banana in pussy and began to fuck Alice. After a short game, I took the second banana and put Alice in the ass and Karolina and I fucked Alice at the same time in the ass and pussy. After we played with my girlfriend I pull out a banana out of your ass Alice and fills the palm of your hand, and Alice fills my lodoni a large amount of shit, Oh yeah a big fat turd coming out of ass my friend. Alice changes position and sits down while I smear shit on the naked body of Alice, Caroline also wants to use the toilet and she wants you to open your mouth Alice and Caroline fills shit mouth Alice, but I also want to use the toilet and I shit and piss on the belly of his girlfriends Alice shit is just fine and we like and Alice too. In this video, Karolina and I use Alice as a toilet, we piss and sleep on her friend fuck her bananas in pussy and ass, smear shit on Alice’s body

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