What I Love About Poop with LoveRachelle2 | Full HD 1080p | Feb 12, 2018

I can feel the need to poop–I wink my butthole at you again and again, then suddenly, I can’t contain it anymore, before I know it my turd is already forcing its way out of me! I poop my load onto a plate, and present it to you. Here’s your meal! Ta-dah ! But before I let you chow down–and eat it exactly how I tell you, why don’t we talk about poop, baby! While I show off my crazy tiny waist and curvy hips in this sexy pink dress…Let me tell you about everything I ate that went into this load… and of course, all the things I absolutely love about poop in detail, from the smell, to the taste (and I lick it a little-yum! You’re going to love it!) and to the pleasure of pooping itself. Now come here and jerk off with my poop, take some in your hand and give yourself a smelly shit-jerk, you’re just not allowed to cum until you’ve eaten it all

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